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Phoenians Kwan Phayao Mayans Clovis Atlantis
  Babylon   Ancient Palmyra  

Lost Civilizations

Lost civilizations and mysterious lands will never be forgotten. When ancient civilizations fall, the reasons for their demise often remain a mystery. Why would a flourishing civilization, advanced for its time, suddenly cease to exist, its inhabitants gone and its architecture abandoned? Blues Carnival Fusion supports fact finding and research so mankind doesn't repeat history.

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Blocko & Sale!

On Sunday, July 7th, stop by their BIG PEOPLE BLOCKO at their mas camp located at 2065 Midland Ave #2, Scarborough.

It's a tribute to The Mighty Sparrow with BBQ, Jerk, Corn Soup, Raffles, CD Give-away, Food and Drinks! COSTUMES WILL BE ON SALE AT A SUPER DISCOUNT SO DON'T MISS OUT!

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